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Norman Borlaug

Norman Borlaug (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No other time in history will mankind see the probable future of the planet  and be judged by his action to preserve it.

Man can and must prevent the tragedy of famine in the future instead of merely trying with pious regret to salvage the human wreckage of the famine, as he has so often done in the past.
~ Norman Borlaug, Father of modern agriculture and 1970 Noble Peace Prize recipient[1]

We know what are the most critical megaforces facing humanity for the next two decades. What we do, how we do it and when we do it will determine the course of our planet and humanity for the rest of the 21st century.

[1] Norman Ernest Borlaug (25 March 1914 – 12 September 2009) was an American agricultural scientist, and humanitarian. He is considered by some to be the “father of modern agriculture” and the father of the green revolution. He won the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for his life’s work.

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