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Last month, I wrote a short article concerning the American Leadership in Sustainability. I said; “the United States has been the leader in conserving our planet and its resources. It has recognized our precious resources from its beginning. Our nation’s forethought is founded on the fundamental values of preserving our resources.” Our American vision of Sustainability and understanding conservation of resources, their value, and future needs originally established those laws such as NEPA, that established the Environmental Protection Agency, and subsequent best practices that have developed over the past half century. Let me introduce an example of this philosophy of American ingenuity and meeting the needs of the present with sound innovation. Dr. Donald Sadoway and his team of graduate and doctoral candidates from MIT have invented a new storage battery for wind farms and solar panel generated electricity.

As he says: “We need to think about the problem differently. We need to think big. We need to think cheap.” Donald Sadoway is working on a battery miracle — an inexpensive, incredibly efficient, three-layered battery using “liquid metal.” … “If we’re going to get this country out of its current energy situation, we can’t just conserve our way out. We can’t just drill our way out. We can’t bomb our way out. We’re going to do it the old-fashioned, American way. We’re going to invent our way out, working together.”

As I previously mentioned this month, as Stewards, we must anticipate change for our Future, rather than have the Future change us. That mindset is focused on smart Leadership choices to improve our organizations, our industries and our country. We have the capability and knowledge to bring new solutions to those pesky problems we have today.

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Recycling Bin

Sustainability is based on the pulse of Environmental, Social and Economic areas or put in another context: Sustainability is focused on Planet, People and Profit. Each of us needs to change behavior, learn, and become more aware of how we impact the environment. Most people become involved by three progressive steps:

  • Natural curiosity is a catalyst, curiosity propels us to seek knowledge.
  • Being informed, individuals are then willing to experiment.
  • Engagement within the community and align individual values with other people and organizations that have a like mindset.

How do we become sustainable? Leaders of the 21st century will be responsible of planetary stewardship for our Earth. This means laying the foundation, which the entire Earth community is secure, managed, and prosperous.  Stewardship is based on these five key principles:

So, where can that behavior be focused? On a personal level, each of us can be responsible for Stewardship in our own lives. Here are examples:

  • conserve energy, food, and water,
  • reduce waste; decrease usage of plastic and paper by increasing usage of existing containers (i.e. mugs and glasses); use rechargeable batteries; drinking water and promote gray water
  • recycle daily waste, recycle old clothing, furniture, books,

We must have the will to Lead Smart, with a vision, and create endless opportunities through Sustainability. It’s never too late! Engage in your community. We can meet our needs today, and also create a future for generations can have their needs met, too. BUT we need to act now!”

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