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“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”  ~Paul J. Meyer

According to Porter and Kramer, “shared value could reshape capitalism and its relationship to society.” It does not replace capitalism, rather it refocuses the areas of responsibilities and opportunities a corporation truly can have. Shared value is directly linked to how Sustainability, blended in Business and Government organizations will be the next wave of transformation. Our complete understanding of shared value is still in its genesis, but the potential is obvious and intuitive. It could very well open doors for efficiency and increased productivity.

It will leverage ingrained methods of innovation and productivity to stem the promote new growth in the global economy. It will be that magic moment, not by screaming “Eureka, I found it!” Rather it will be observed and when the analytical executives opens their eyes to immense human needs that must be met, large new markets to be served, and the internal costs of social deficits and then they will say; “now that’s funny!”

Then, shared value will be recognized as a catalyst for a competitive advantages available for the progressive corporation. Attaining it will require managers to develop new skills and knowledge and governments to learn how to regulate in ways that enable shared value, rather than work against it.

Porter has always thought through ideas and the concept of shared value was a very astute observation to our Sustainability paradigm shift. It is a very good article, well worth the time to read.  Please take a few minutes and read this well written article in the Harvard Business Review: Innovating for Shared Value

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