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An expert group of practitioners and commentators looks at prospects for CSR in 2012, published by CSRwire Talkback, written by Dr. Michael Hopkins and coauthored with Mr. Martin Summers and Dr. Adrian Payne.

Every year, MHC International‘s annual CSR & Sustainability Update expert group meeting looks at the prospects for CSR in the coming year in the context of changing trends and themes in the corporate, social, political and economic spheres. Now in its sixth year, the group is comprised of a range of CSR practitioners and commentators.

1. Trust in Brands, Companies & Sectors

2. Trust in Governments

3. CSR Continues to be Redefined

4. Demand for Greater Transparency, Disclosure & Non-Financial Reporting

5. Social Media‘s Role in Sustainability & Corporate Change

Here are the details to the group’s top prospects for 2012: http://www.csrwire.com/blog/posts/301-csr-sustainability-in-2012-5-trends


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