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“Where would we be without salt?”  ~  Ralph Jarvis

The world is changing even the basic needs are at stake such as food and water. Reduction or elimination of food production while demand increases for food could create a tragic scenario in the not too distant future. Top leadership in some countries are looking beyond such a cataclysmic scenario and making plans and solutions to prepare for food management.

For instance, China’s goal is to continue manufacturing finished goods, at big levels, will consume their available water and impact food production. So, this year China’s leadership addressed this water usage solution by simply making a deal to farm 3.0 million hectares (11, 583 square miles) of Ukrainian land over the span of half a century. But China is not alone:

Egypt: bought 800.000 hectares from Uganda
UAE: bought 324.000 hectares from Pakistan
South Korea: bought 690,000 hectares from Sudan
Egypt: bought 427.000 hectares from Russia
Egypt: bought 400.000 hectares from Sudan

Source: King, Ritchie; Quartz, http://www.qz.com

Here is an article that would expand on these ideas: McKinsey article: Resource revolution

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