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“It’s difficult to believe that people are still starving in this country because food isn’t available.” ~ Ronald Reagan

Food security is much different from food logistics. In the not to distant future, food will be a megaforce that impact countries around the world.  The world will appear very fragile with dramatic growth in world population, limits on water, exposure to environmental risks (including floods, droughts, wars, etc.) and potential for dramatic famine forecasts will rise similar to those 1960s.

But channels will change and include new requirements:

  • Not because food cannot be produced, but because food cannot be produced to meet population demand.
  • Food will be revised from traditional meats, fish, poultry and vegetables to include a wider source that will rely on insects and worms as protein becomes scarce.
  • Populations will grow dramatically along the coasts and will higher demands for food. Not all will be met from harvesting the ocean. Instead, cites will have to build high rise market for crop growth and raising other food needs.
  • Roof tops and undeveloped urban lots will serve as community garden areas for neighborhoods.
  • Use go genetically modified (GM) foods will be modified in a way that does not naturally occur. This method has been used genetically from one plant to another. But, future GM application may be used to increase resistance to herbicides, increase yield or increase nutrient content of food.

Here is a brief article that would expand on these ideas, courtesy of BBC News:

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