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Drought on the Hay Plain.

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This list originated from KPMG and represents one of the most credible documents that asserts enormous economic, environmental and social trends that will have significant impacts to enterprises, industries and economies for the next twenty years. They explored sustainability “megaforces” that are anticipated to impact business of the next 20 years. The analysis exposed potential increase in external environmental costs and its related risks, and issued a call to action for business leadership.

New research from KPMG International has identified 10 “megaforces” that will significantly affect corporate growth globally over the next two decades. Sustainability “megaforces” impact on business will accelerate due to:
•    The costs of environmental impacts of business operations are doubling every 14 years.
•    Companies should expect increases in external environmental costs which today are often not shown on financial statements.
•    Businesses and policymakers must take joint strategic decisions and act now.

New research from KPMG International has identified 10 “megaforces” that will significantly affect corporate growth globally over the next two decades. … Michael Andrew, Chairman of KPMG International, said: “We are living in a resource-constrained world. The rapid growth of developing markets, climate change, and issues of energy and water security are among the forces that will exert tremendous pressure on both business and society.”

“We know that governments alone cannot address these challenges. Business must take a leadership role in the development of solutions that will help to create a more sustainable future. By leveraging its ability to enhance processes, create efficiencies, manage risk, and drive innovation, business will contribute to society and long-term economic growth.”[1]

1.    Climate Change
2.    Energy and Fuel
3.    Material Resources
4.    Water scarcity
5.    Population Growth
6.    Wealth
7.    Urbanization
8.    Food security
9.    Ecosystem decline
10.    Deforestation

John B. Veihmeyer, Chairman of KPMG’s Americas region and Chairman and CEO of KPMG LLP (U.S.), said; “KPMG’s clients and others are seeing the link between sustainability and financial results becoming increasingly clear. Companies that recognize the external influences on their organizations and leverage them as opportunities are realizing a competitive advantage. To that end, the exercise of measuring and reporting sustainability activities to stakeholders with clear, accurate data is increasingly relevant and quickly becoming a priority.”[2]

Note: KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. We operate in 152 countries and have 145,000 people working in member firms around the world.

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