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Your leadership provides the vision for the future and encourages employee-led changes to improve procedures, processes and effective innovation for now and the future. Leading your people by empowering them with skills and knowledge is a critical success factor for sustainable transformation.   ~ Ralph Jarvis

Like any other form of transformation, Sustainability must be embraced by ALL stakeholders. Having years of Business, Government and IT Transformation experience, I have seen organizations present change as an elective – in that scenario, it is always a disaster in the making. Executives must be engaged. Middle management must be engaged.  All employees must be engaged and empowered. But all of this will only work if there is a clear Vision – for Sustainability is more like a cause.

Stakeholders need to clearly understand their role and impact on the company when they do not “own” their new responsibilities. Transformation is serious business and should be executed that way. This article is a good example of NOT thinking through the true business case for Sustainability …

FastCompany article:  3 Hidden Killers Of Sustainability Programs

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Lead Smart, Endless Opportunities when Sustainability is driven by Lean Six Sigma


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